After a day’s work, there is always that place you want to retreat to where you can find some peace and tranquility, for us that place is the Bedroom. The Bedroom is one of the most intimate and personal space of a home and it is important to keep it that way by making it cozy, comfortable and warm. When designing your bedroom to reflect these characteristics, you put in mind soft earthy tones, soothing textures, low/candle light. Here are 5 ways you can make your bedroom a place of refuge and comfort where you drown all the hustling and bustling of living in a fast-paced world.


When you think colors in the bedroom, think soft and calm rather than bold and bright. Colors like light to mid-tone grey, beiges, browns, blues. Colors like this give you a peaceful but not dull background. Use finishes like wood, rattan, wicker, wool to add coziness to the room. If you have a really dull space, introduce wallpaper with texture and character on a wall to add little bit of life to your bedroom. If you want to introduce bright colors, a great way is to use flowers, will light up your calm space without it being overwhelming.



A cozy bedroom requires light and i mean low light. After dark, ditch your overhead lights and introduce soft lighting with the bedside lamps or strategically placed wall/ceiling mounted lights. Ensure you use low-wattage bulbs and sturdy lampshades to diffuse the light throughout the room, this gives you an intimate and soft mood you want in the room. Use black-out curtains to block out natural light during the day to give the soft mood while taking a nap.



A great way to create texture and coziness in your bedroom is by using Fabrics. Splurge on good sheets with a high thread count, they give a soft and comfortable feel when you lie in them. A good comforter is also very important for a good night’s sleep. Mix and match throw pillows that compliment the color scheme. Asides your bed linen, introduce a cozy blanket by draping the back of the chair or the foot of the bed. Another great way to add texture is by using an area rug. A good high-pile wool rug will add texture and warmth to your space. 



Introduce accessories like wall art that compliment your color scheme, books, candles and diffusers. Lavender essential oil helps with restlessness and anxiety, add some to you essential oil diffuser for a better sleep. Decorate with  personal items to make it unique like trinkets, vases, or family photos.



If you have space, create a nook for reading, chilling and sipping some tea. A chair with a footstool or a nice chaise with an end-table will do.


One major thing to ensure comfort in your bedroom is your mattress. Ensure you buy a good mattress because you spend most of your time on the bed when you are in the bedroom. Manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress every 5-10 years or soon as you start waking up with aches and pains that can’t be explained by other factors. 

Your bedroom should be a real getaway, a place you can relax and renew your energy therefore its important to create this place of comfort for yourself and peace of mind.

Which of these ideas are you incorporating  to create a bedroom that gives you all the comfort you desire? 

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First let’s have a group hug if you have kids and have to be at home with them all day. It has really been an interesting couple of months having to teach my child. One thing I have learned in these times is never to underestimate teachers ever again. I have learnt and still learning how much patience I need to teach a child especially one that is so full of energy and wants to be in like three different places at a particular time. But I am thankful that I get to spend these times with her, observing her and know that I have to be more intentional about the best ways to teach her. One way is through play. I realize she learns better through play, doing craft work that teach the necessary skills she needs at this time and I am so thankful to my sister the cuddle blog for helping out with activities we can do. If you have kids, you should check our her blog here. 

I also realized the environment, the decor of the space, the ambience in which she learns matter a lot to how productive her day turns out. I have come up with five tips you can incorporate in your child’s play room/ room with a play area to ensure they stay in the space to get work done in a fun way. The goal here is to create a space that will instigate play and get them to do creative activities in a fun and informal environment.


Use paint finishes like satin that is easy to clean, cleanable wallpaper and wall decals. Introduce colors that spark the imagination of your child like shades of blue, use bold patterns on walls or ceiling to create a focal point that can interest your child.


Use Kid-friendly furniture like rounded coffee tables, cleanable fabric sofas because children. Introduce furniture for specific purpose like table and chairs for craft work as well as doing their homework. Use ottoman, poufs that are easy to move around.


As much as we understand that its a kids room/playroom and there is tendency to create a lot of mess, it is also important to have a designated place for items, toys and materials. Use low shelf storage for easy access so the kids can clean up themselves. A very good way to store toys is using baskets, boxes that are not just functional but also stylish. Label the baskets so the kids know what goes in each of them (a win for you if you have older kids).


If you are not into colored walls or furniture, the decor pieces are a perfect way to introduce colors into your child’s space. Use bold colors in area rugs, floor mats, or wall art. You can also introduce themes your kid loves in the wall art. Make the wall arts memorable with colorful paintings and craft work your kids make, I am sure they will be pretty proud to see their work on the wall.



Get creative with decor pieces, introduce a reading corner using a teepee tent, paint the storage units with bold colors, if you are using the rooms double as a play a room, get creative with the beds.

There you have it, which of these ideas are you incorporating in your child’s space to make it more conducive for them? Please let me know in the comment section


Working from home (WFH) has become our new reality and will probably be like this for a while. It has been a thing before now but there are more people forced to work from home due to the worldwide pandemic. Asides from the upside of no commute, better work-life balance, it also helps you to design an office that depicts your personality and design preference. A good home office has to be functional first then aesthetically pleasing.

Here are 5 ways to make WFH comfortable for you;

1.Consider Ergonomic Rules

Use a good chair that supports your lower back, it increases your productivity and ultimately the quality of your work increases. Ensure the distance between your eyes and the screen is between 45-70cm. The top of your computer should be at eye level or slightly below, this helps reduce eye fatigue. Position your keyboard so that your forearms are parallel to the floor and adjust your chair such that your feet firmly rest on the floor or footrest if you are short. The aim is to reduce stress and fatigue, enhance productivity while churning out a great quality of work.

2. Let Natural light in

When choosing where to place your desk, make good use of the window area to allow a lot of natural light in. Studies have shown that natural light helps increase productivity, reduce eye problems. If you have a good scenery right outside your window, then good for you, you get to raise your head once in a while for that perfect view. Another plus is that you get to lower your electricity bills.

N.B: You will need additional lighting for darker hours of the day, invest in a good lamp with a nice soft glow and good aesthetics.

3. Avoid Clutter

Use creative storage to eliminate clutter, Use shelving systems that are not only functional but also perfect for a backdrop. Digitalize most documents to eliminate the use of paper. Cords? always so hideous to look at, run a power strip behind or under your desk and plug everything into it so cords are hidden. You can also invest in wireless gadgets.

4. Add Greenery

Plants make you happier and bring life into a space, its like bringing the outdoors into your space. The extended hours on the screen can be exhausting sometimes, having plants in your space can be easy on the eyes and connect you to nature. Get a low maintenance plant like Snake plant, Chinese evergreen, or Peace Lily that you do not have to tend to everyday.

5. Personalize

Include a few items that inspire you to do your best work. It could be photos of family, souvenirs, artworks, a scent you love, a quote that motivates or a cartoon that makes you laugh, the list is endless. Also try and ensure you move things around to avoid boredom.

Working from home can really be fun, comfortable and very productive. What are some of the designs you are incorporating in your home office to increase your productivity?


Marsala wine

Marsala, hmmm I am not so sure of the name but I love the colour. Its a beautiful, soft and subtle colour. Named after the Marsala wine, its a naturally robust and earthy wine red. Although according to some reviews I read, some people are not so happy with the colour of the year. Some say its too dull, someone said it looks like ogi baba ( brown pap). Anyways I think we can all make the best use of it by coordinating with other colours.

MARSALA: Pantone colour of the year 2015

According to the Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eisema, Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul exuding confidence and stability.

Marsala is rich, sophisticated, with a natural earthiness, stylish, appealing and translates to fashion, industrial design, interior design, home furnishings. It can be a versatile hue when applied to textures and set against other tones. It is very ideal for rugs, upholstered furniture, accessories and accent pieces.

Traditional vintage room
Traditional vintage room


Colours that coordinates Marsala
Colours that coordinates Marsala

Soho house Berlin
Soho house Berlin

Marsala Moodboard


Lovely pieces as accents in a space


I love the combination of colours….Yellow really complements Marsala. source

masrsala home decor ideas pantone color fo the year 2015 (3)
Fit for dining areas…. A lovely log home. source

Dining area by Staffan Tollgard

masrsala home decor ideas pantone color fo the year 2015 (5)
Marsala Door… would you do this? I would!

I think the possibilities are endless, whether as an accent, a bold wall colour or your furniture, the Marsala colour is a good blend with a variety of colours. I prefer it more for accents and furniture. Here are some random pictures I loved showing the Marsala colour.

I would totally rock this..

Second dress maybe?
Second dress maybe? photographed by Emilia Jane

Have you ever heard when it is said that a fabric is rich? This is what they were referring to..

Whose wedding is next?

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Hello people,

It’s been a while ‘up in this joint’ (got that line from my cousin Luke Alejo). I have been trying to write this post for a while but it just never worked out. Anyways it is here now. Yayy!!!.

This post is inspired by my Lover. Oh and chichi – my dog.

Chichi....looking innocent(not at all). photo credit:arikearts
Chichi….looking innocent(no she’s not). photo credit: arikearts

chichi….. she’s cute!


Yes she is named chichi, everyone wonders why I named her that (I didn’t name her, my Lover did).  It’s my first time owning a pet and trust me it’s like taking care of a child. I have just figured I have a lot to learn as regards taking care of someone else. I have to worry about her feeding, keeping her clean and keeping the house clean as much as possible. It has been a lot of work but I am not complaining, chichi is fun and playful and always full of life. I am still working on ways to make her comfortable and give her a good space to live in. Here are a few ideas on my mind:



Your pet can sit with you in the living...love the stainless bowl for food
Your pet can sit with you in the living…love the stainless bowl for food

And in the kitchen
And in the kitchen

At your workspace...you can have your pet help you out...yeah right!
At your workspace…you can have your pet help you out…yeah right!


you can have this DIY using an old suitcase (so don't throw that suitcase away, can be very useful)
you can have this DIY using an old suitcase (so don’t throw that suitcase away, can be very useful)

The whole point is making a comfortable space for our pets just as much as we are comfortable. Our pets deserve a well designed space just as much as we deserve one. The bottom line is comfort, functionality and aesthetics. I am really working on giving chichi the most comfortable space to live in and I hope to show you guys what I am working on as it progresses. I also hope to do a post on how to maintain a clean pet space (the pooing and peeing can be frustrating sometimes).

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One major advantage of open plan design is having a lot of light in the space, and that is because the windows are usually large allowing a lot of natural light in. The inspiration today is an Attic loft in Stockholm, Sweden. The modern and stylish house is an open floor plan with windows that give a lot of natural light. Another interesting thing about this loft is the all-white interior with little accents of colours here and there of the wood finish and pillows. This all-white interior and the open plan design give the illusion of a large space.

Via house idea

Via house idea

Via house idea
Via house idea

Open plan design style maximizes the open area of a floor, taking out all interior walls and doors. Its a really good design if you like to entertain guests in your home.

Via house idea


Via house idea

Use big bold pieces as furniture that can fill up the space.




My most loved attribute of the open plan design is the use of large windows. Basically because it allows a lot of natural light in the house. It is even better if you have a lovely view (sea or a good landscape) to look at.


you can even have the glass designed…..nice i think




Open plan designs are actually very flexible which means you can pretty much come up with any design style in the space. You can even combine design styles in a space. I like the idea of combining contemporary and traditional design styles or Moroccan and contemporary style. Anyways the most important thing is to maximize the space you have in an open plan design. ( I hope to have mine to design sometime 🙂 ).



download (1)                                   download







I came across a video of a Barcelona based Photographer that turned a tiny house on the top floor of a building into a modern functional studio apartment. The 24 square meter apartment (that’s a really tiny space I must say) has a kitchen that is hidden behind the swing-out wooden panels. The furniture; bed, dining table which is movable can be neatly stored when not in use. I think the functionality of a space is one of the major attributes of any design. Here is a lovely video of the apartment that inspires me so much…

I have found out that most houses built in Lagos (for rent) have very small spaces (looks like cubicles). Anyways here are a few tips on how to make that small space functional, aesthetic and comfortable enough to live in.

1. Go vertical.

Use the space up to the ceiling wherever possible – shelves and storage.  Also use floor–to–ceiling window treatments. It draws your eyes all the way up to the ceiling to give a larger feel of the room.

Book shelf built in from floor to ceiling

Window treatment from ceiling to floor…. Elegant!!!

2. Keep it Light and Airy

Light and soft colours especially white make a small space look large. Let colours run continuously in a space. Also avoid clutter (a lot of people have a problem with parting away with things they don’t need, I am so guilty of this too) to make the space airy. Keep the room simple.

***for everything new you bring in a space, take out something old except you are starting with a blank slate.

Light and Airy Living room.

3. Use Multi-functional Furniture

Make sure to use furniture that will serve more than one purpose. For example, a bed with storage or an ottoman with storage.

Bed with storage

Cozy Ottoman with storage













4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors help magnify a space, so use large mirrors in a space to enlarge the look. Also use big art/wall hangings in a space to make it look bigger. Keep space visually interesting

Mirror Mirror on the wall!



5. Artificial Lighting

Lighting is a major part of design. Use artificial lighting to make a small space look large.  Lighting combination should make a statement in a space; lamps, ambient lighting.

Design is being creative about everything you do. As much as possible make your small spaces very functional because of the limitations you have, for example avoid the use of floor space: use book shelves as opposed to book cases. Also make your space aesthetic and very comfortable.

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I remember when I was younger I considered some colour combinations not suitable, examples are orange and green, yellow and purple, blue and red etc. I basically felt they were too bright to be combined and might be blinding to the eye. I don’t know where I got the impression that you only had to combine a bright colour and a dark colour. Anyways now I know better that combining the right shades of colours will give the desired look you want. My inspiration today is the water lily which is a combination of yellow, purple and green (I would never have imagined these colours together but then this is even natural). I love the way the yellow emerges out of the purple petals, it shows the beauty of yellow as an accent.

Water Lily
Water Lily

Purple is a very rich and grand colour. It is associated with royalty, wisdom, dignity, creativity. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury and ambition (I love the colour already).

Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. It arouses cheerfulness, produces a warming effect and stimulates mental activity (it gives you the light and airy feeling).

Green is the colour of nature, symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. The colour green has a strong emotional correspondence with safety.

I have read and understand that colours have psychological effects on us and careful consideration has to be taken when choosing colours for your space.  You choose colours depending on the mood you intend to create in a space. A bright yellow brightens up a space while the rich purple colour softens the look and complements it.

I love the chandelier

Using yellow as accents is also a great way of showcasing how yellow complements purple.

My best piece is the Floor Lamp
My best piece is the Floor Lamp

My best piece is the Mirror on the wall
My best piece is the Mirror on the wall

In this contemporary living room, the combination of all three colours (yellow, green and purple) gives a cozy and warm feeling in the space. A very simple design but classy, a space you would love to retire to after a long day’s work.

My best piece is the wall art ohh I love the green occasional chair too... :(
My best piece is the wall art ohh I love the green occasional chair too… 😦

The major aim of colours in interior design is to create the mood which best suits you. It’s possible to create a different mood in each space of your house: light and airy, calm or cheerful. In all, be creative and realistic about your choice of colours.

Decorating Tip:  Value is the relative lightness and darkness of a colour. Divide your colours by value from dark to light as you decorate vertically in the room. Try to balance a space in terms of value. Just like replicating colour values of the outside world, choose darker values of colour for the floor (ground), medium values of colour for the walls (trees) and lighter values of colour for the ceiling (sky).

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Hi everyone.

Ok, this is not my first attempt at writing. I tried once but I couldn’t keep up. Anyways am trying again all because I got bored (I get bored easily). This time I am writing about things that inspire me especially regarding spaces, so it should be fun and hopefully it lasts.

I stumbled on some quotes about design, so I have put together 12 posters of quotes by some amazing and respectable people. I hope this inspires, motivates and spurs someone as it did for me. Enjoy!!! Oh and welcome, hope you have a wonderful time on here.

Bruno Munari


Leonardo da Vinci

Andrew Hendrixson

Frank Chimero

Steve Jobs

Albert Einstein

Jeffrey Zeldman

Douglas Adams


Carlos Jimenez

Steve Jobs

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